heres a list of Some of the Aetherian Weapons:

Pistols: basic sidearms

  • V30 - Stun
  • Xr - 238 Plasma (Scoped/ beamer/ stun)
  • V291 Hardlight pistol


  • 98-me Slip space Rifle
  • V Explosive plasma rifle
  • Plasma rifle [Energy, Kinetic, Corrosive,]
  • Beam Rifle
  • Plasma Pulsar rifle
  • Dark Plasma Rifle [Experimental]

Heavy: these weapons are mainly carried by Aetherian Knights

  • Plasma Torpedo launcher
  • Hardlight Gattling Cannon
  • Arm mounted BFG
  • Heavy Plasma Beamer
  • Plasma Mortar

Melee: these weapons are for close range combat.

  • Plasma Arm blade.
  • Plasma Daggers
  • Quake wave generator [Experimental]