Aetherians are a technologically advanced species that utilized Hardlight projections. naturally all Aetherians have a natural force field around their skin to protect them from getting pelted by small pebbles on athanasy.

the Aetherians are adapted to the flight based conditions on Athanasy, large wingspan allows for easy flight to island to island and the gravitite rich bones allows for gravitational manipulation, a high sense of smell hearing and sight allows for the Aetherians to detect prey or predators (as Aetherians were not on top of the food chain.) And for reproduction the best genes are matched to allow for a child to have better stats then the parents. and after the creation of the Labyrinthian the Aetherians started with Genetic Engineering which allowed for Aetherians to become extremely intelligent, have better kinesthetic shield that protects the Aetherian against high impact objects.

The Aetherians have a religion, and that is the Aethus Essence, which is the belief of everything has an essence of some sort, as they think that even the universe has this essence.

the reason that the Females dominate over the males is because of reproduction limits that the females have unlike humans Aetherians live really long lives of over 10,000 years or 100 ce. and are not able to reproduce as fast as humans can as the Aetherian female has to wait for their bodies to repair any damage that the baby did.

Aetherian Officers/ leaders personally appear on the battlefield as moral support and they are able to tell what Aetherian Warriors/Valkyries to do.