The Arcams are a species that originally left earth to seek new worlds to inhabit. the Arcams co existed with humans and the neanderthals, however the Arcams knew that they would start to become a religious figure because of their very advanced Tech. so they left the planet but they also left some artifacts in the hopes that the humans or the Neanderthals would discover them and reverse engineer their tech. in which what Sanctrians did. (Sanctrians are the people who lived on Sanctrist City)

After reaching the ring of Carrianus the Arcams were the far most advanced race in the ring(being a Tier 4) shortly after landing on Arcadia, the Arcams began to research on their weapons and defensive powers. eventually the Arcams started to invade the other species in the ring and either forced them to be part of the Arcams or destroy them.

Shortly after the Dark-light war a Faction of the Arcams (The Shielded) went to invade both the Aetherians (for their incompetent failure to defend humanity and earth) and the Voidians (for a unprovoked attack against humanity and the destruction of earth) this resulted major loss of life and resources on the Enderaion. and because the Arcams are a Tier 2 Species the arcams lost very little

In Combat, the Arcams usually deploy plasma shields and weld very powerful weapons. most units carry a thrust packs (Powerful jetpacks)

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