The Aris Valiant was Created with the remains of earth after the destruction of the Omega and the Nightshade.

its destruction levels have been observed, shredding planets apart, tear ships out of slipspace and snuff out stars. this ship was only seen once in action, during the final hours of the Dark-Light War.

while in Narkliths Ring, the Aris Valiant was attacking the Capitol worlds where it tore apart almost 400 planets in mater of hours. after the end of the Dark-light war, the Aris Valiant was retired where it was deactivated on new Earth

Once the start of the Omnian Wars has begun the Aris Valiant was reactivated by the Aetherian Guard, where it was brought to human space in Carrianus. where humans crewed the ship to take on the Ascended. it was nearly destroyed in the process this is when the Omniar Core (Enraged Core) within the Aris Valiant activated, it Razed the entirety of Providence City

With its new Powers the Aris Valiant begun to liberate planets within the Ascended grasp. this drawn the Attention of Valcarunos and its servants. this is when humanity Created a new Annihilation Device, The Zeldeam Units.

when the Aris Valiant found Valcarunos the battle ensued, being interrupted by a Zeldeam Squadron. after an almost hour of fighting, Valcarunos was defeated, accomplishing its task the Aris valiant landed in the remains of earth and deactivated once again. waiting for its next task.