the Dark Terrain is a ship that is feared among the universe of Xaliuris, the ship itself is controlled by a Voidian AI giving it an edge in combat.

During the final years of the Dark-Light war the Terrain was reconstructed for the use of measuring the Aetherian's overall strength in combat, however because of the humanity was being influenced by the Arcams (a tier 2 species) this resulted in failure of the 2 Terrain Versions the Alpha and the Delta.

in the Final days of the Dark light war the Omega was constructed to destroy the stronghold worlds by snuffing out stars and in which the Omniars took action to stop the Darklight war, and by this time the omega has alrety destroyed many stars and planets including earth and the large portion of the coalition space.

during this time the Omega was in a refueling phase in the Nightshade in a specialized hangar the destruction of the omega resulted in the destruction of the Nightshade, and the final hours of the Darklight war.

the zeta was constructed to be a prison ship to seal away john hallur and his followers. but that changed when it was discovered that john hallur was being controlled by Valcarunos trying to create a Omniar core this was of course stopped. and the Aulnar Event begun.


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