The Envoy of the Nightrose Supercarrier is the 2nd largest vessle in the Voidian Empire, only falling short from the Omega.

the Envoy of the Nightrose is infamous for its ability to act like a slipspace beacon which can guide ships in slipspace to its location. the carrier can rapidly construct small battleships which are miniature versions of the Terium Class Battleship.

shortly after the destruction of the Omega and the Nightshade, the Envoy of the Nightrose headed to Zerana in which a large Aetherian Assault force to force the Voidians into peace and without the powers of Valcarunos, enhancing the Voidian's fleets the Envoy of the Nightrose was destroyed quite easily.

the remains of the massive supercarrier have all landed onto Zerana making an area called the Nightrose valley.