The Sanctrians are a group of humans who wanted nothing more but to accelerate their technology, however they were shut down by the U.S. Government as seen their technology is way too efficient. Since their technology require very minimal resources to create. However this did not stop the Sanctrians instead they moved to the ocean to create the City of Sanctrist. This is where they were able to develop Technology without Limitations from any governing bodies.

After 2 years the Sanctrians developed technology to explore the deepest part of the pacific ocean, in where they found an alien ship (Arcam Vaultship) that was filled to the brim with useful information. As the Sanctrians were able to integrate the Technology from the alien ship onto Sanctrist City this made them a yet a Powerful country. They were able to accelerate the ability to travel to other countries with their massive aerial Transports known as Leviathans

however because of the amount violence that the rest of humanity created with a ever pointless wars. the Sanctrians begun to intercept many warships from crossing the oceans which angered most war hungry countries into nuking the Sanctrians. which was a bad idea in which they started the Sanctrian Takeover