Sanctrist City is a giant oceanic city that the founders of Sanctrians built, this Hyper advanced city was the reason humans where able to get off earth without spending billions of dollars on equipment the city itself is very large, about the size of New York, but much more advanced, the city is made from metal and plastic{for the flotation rafts} this makes the city very durable and water resistant the city can handle pressures of 5 miles underwater. basically its an modern day version of Atlantis. the City is protected by hundreds of sub based ships an a small air fleet of high-tech airships


the city's flotation rafts were made from the garbage plastic that was found in the ocean, then was built over the ship that created the raft. the city was virtually unsinkable as the flotation rafts had large and small air pockets. the City itself had the most intelligent people in the world. because they were over an ocean, they started mining the oceanic floor, as large amounts of iron and other vital resources. and while creating the Technos Terra. However a few months after the City left to japan, The Sactrians found what they believed was an alien ship of some sort(Arcam Vault-ship)and started to reverse engineer the ship's technology. and soon the ship was fully integrated into Sanctrist City's Sub Systems.