this is the Voidian Mothership. the Nightshade has been reported once by the Aetherians during the Dark Light war. it is heavily armoured the Nightshade has multiple weapons all capable destroying entire Solar systems as well stars.

The Nightshade's interior is hollowed out with hallways that can fit the massive size of the voidians, and like the Labyrinthian its made of sections that are mirrored in the opposite side of the Nightshade.

The Core of the Nightshade is the crystal that holds Valcarunos Seal. but the Voidians were completely unaware of what they were using was powering the Nightshade.

During the darklight war the nightshade was protected by an elite units of the Voidian ships that later were called the Dark Protectors which would symbolized the Nightshade's arrival.

the Nightshade was destroyed when the Omega's Core overloaded during refueling.