The voidian race are large dragon-like creatures that don't have the ability to breathe fire instead they are able to use radiation as their form of attack, they constructed a Gravity suit to allow them to land on planets that have higher gravity.

When the Voidian Empire (Aka The Dark Empire) began to expand into other systems they noticed that the ships would slowly deteriorate because of the normal radiation they solved this by researching radiation shields that allowed them to leave the system. but as The Dark Empire expanded the Radiation field began to expand too. the voidian empire expanded into other nebulas and eventually galaxies.

voidians are literally armed to the teeth. the snout was used to propel a large ball of energy. the body was framed with broadside cannons. and the tail had a torpedo launcher that launches balls of radiation to weaken the target.

voidian culture is manly combat based to allow them to be a large threat to anything.